Financial Sales Execution

“We improve the way technology vendors value, price and sell their solutions—whether perpetual or subscription, on premises or in the cloud, in the channel or direct. We strategically guide our clients in effective sales practices and deliver practical deal execution. Our impact is measured in improved deal economics, control & predictability, setting a sustainable platform for financial selling excellence.”
Ann Flynn, President

Who We Are

TFP drives complex technology sales across the finish line for industry leaders worldwide. We improve sales performance programmatically by improving sales execution one deal at a time. Our team puts your sale in the best position to get the stamp of approval from financial decision makers, including IT & finance management, LOB leaders, the C-suite and procurement.

“TFP delivers. They are fast. They are accurate. They are creative. They are consultative. They are trusted. They help us win.”

“TFP helps my sales teams close business by taking on the financial sale in parallel to our technology sale. It’s a partnership that really drives success.”

What We Do

Whether you are an established market leader or a growing technology firm, Technology Finance Partners’ value proposition is simple: we make your technology easier to sell and easier to buy. We increase sales teams’ financial acumen and reinforce financial best practices by integrating our programs within your established sales methodology. TFP changes sales DNA through strategy workshops, targeted program development, sales tools and field level support.

What Problems We Solve

TFP overcomes the most common financial objections technology vendors face. Discounting does not address 60% of all financial hurdles, yet it is often the first line of defense for sales reps worldwide. If deals are being delayed or downsized because of limited budget (operating or capital), insufficient ROI or payback, cash flow shortfalls, lack of compelling events, or delays related to increasingly complex pricing, licensing and delivery requests, TFP gives sales what they need: a SWAT team of financial sales experts who are ready on-demand to help move deals from “upside” to “forecast” to “booked”.

“The Business Case helped the customer justify the project based on additional ROI that they had not evaluated prior to receiving guidance from TFP and the payment options helped address pay-per-use or other alternative pricing from the competition.”

“TFP is a valuable resource to leverage at the right time in a sales cycle. Quite frankly, I learn something new about my customers every time I engage them with TFP and I believe that with their help, I am more successful at holding discount and closing deals.”

Why Our Clients Succeed

Our clients get extraordinary value from their relationship with TFP—we become an integral part of their sales go-to-market. Our programs bring value not only to sales but to finance and marketing organizations as well. Our clients demand that the financial sale be executed in parallel with technology sale. This parallel sales approach results in earlier and better deal qualification, pricing based on value (not budget), more multi-year commitments and improved customer satisfaction. Exceptional financial sales execution drives success.

Why Not You?

Wondering if TFP’s impact on sales performance can help your organization? You won’t, once you’re a client. Contact us at

“For reps that have not put TFP in front of their strategic customers, I say, ‘good’, more of their time for me.”

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