Value Based Selling

“In the last three weeks, working with the extended sales teams, we have been able to complete two separate Business Value Assessments for two divisions at a multi-billion dollar global account. These will be large transactions that we continue to work to close in the next few weeks.

I wanted to personally commend TFP for the significant contribution that TFP’s team was able to make regarding these BCA’s. TFP was able to take the basis ROI numbers that we gleaned from the customer’s senior management and model it essentially overnight with minimal changes needed! Both of these BCA’s were done in ‘hurry up mode’ based on the client requirements, and I’m not sure how we would have hit the deadline without TFP’s flexibility in meeting our needs.

Yesterday, we presented the first BCA to the Sr. CIO at the customer and their economic buyer. His comment was that they (the customer) should do the BCA type of analysis for all capital expenditures, and that he really liked that specific way that the financials were modeled to support each of the significant areas of ROI. His other comment was ‘I’m not sure I agree with all the numbers, but directionally you are spot on with your analysis and the financial logic you put into each separate business driver makes this both compelling and something that my team can modify as we move forward.’”