Overcame Budget Constraints, Accelerated Revenue & Increased Deal Size

“TFP showed how a $1.28M multi-product solution was a much smarter investment (greater returns) than a less expensive single-product solution. We proactively structured the deal with flexible payment terms as we encouraged them to add some key capabilities that were not part of the original project scope. This started as a $600k deal, with just an adapter for the existing system, but with TFP we added additional software and products, growing the deal to over $1.2 million.

This was not a budgeted initiative originally, and even when money was reallocated from other projects, the available budget was still less than the total sale. TFP allowed us to take advantage of a multi-year budget to complete the deal.

This was a key win as it is a new customer and will lay the foundation for additional business throughout all of their campuses!”

Accelerated Revenue & Discount Management

“The payment terms helped to accelerate and ultimately get closure to the transaction. Without the financing options, we would have been in bad shape. The finance option certainly helped to keep the software price high.”

Accelerated Revenue & Discount Management

“We would have had a challenge getting them to commit to the larger upfront payment. Payment terms helped accelerate the deal and preserve the initial proposal amount.”

Capturing the Value of the Total Solution

“Thanks for putting together the Executive Financial Summary to capture the business case (ROI and TCO) results. You helped us quantify the value of the software, provide payment terms, illustrate cash flow, ROI, operating and capital budget impacts while keeping the huge $ business value central to the discussion. The CIO was very, very, very, impressed. Blew him away. Discussion went very well and we are closing the deal this quarter. My RVP is loving you guys. He looked like a genius on the call!”

Professionalism & Responsiveness

“We could have not closed the deal without the payment terms. It’s not only the simplicity of the documentation and the process, but I also found a high level of responsiveness and a real sense of business at Technology Finance Partners. In my opinion, that comes from the professionalism of the TFP team members.”

Opening Doors & Growing Deals

“This is the second time I’ve worked with Technology Finance Partners to grow a deal from six figures to seven using a comprehensive business case and payment terms that met some very stringent internal hurdles. Their knowledge impressed the CFO and CIO enough to give us real credibility and to open doors to in-depth discussions I could never have had on my own.”