Moving to the Cloud

“TFP has been a true partner, in the purest sense of the word, for my five years at Genesys. I was hired into Genesys to help develop a new business model focused on helping Genesys partners deploy new “cloud” services based on Genesys licensed products and services. At every step along the way we leaned on TFP to help us innovate. From the usage based pricing model, through the TCO comparison tools we gave to our partners, up to a very robust business case analysis tool we developed to help our partners build their business cases and all the way to a P&L analysis that tracked the success of the assumptions in those business cases, TFP became the backbone of our business model innovation.

Along the way, I was even able to challenge the TFP team to take on engineering style challenges like developing an Erlang tool to help partners better size customer proposals for their cloud based services. By simplifying the very complex requirements in understanding how to best handle peak hour load, the TFP developed tool directly led to greater sales and improved satisfaction because customers weren’t overpaying for the needed cloud capacity.

Most importantly, TFP brings the business savvy to know how and when to balance the need for a Statement of Work for a more formal project with a “gentleman’s agreement” to get something done that has high priority and lacks the luxury of time to be that formal. This is the truest sense of partnership and TFP has exhibited it in every interaction for these five years we’ve worked together.”
– Chris Morley, former VP SaaS/Hosted Strategic Solutions, Genesys Telecommunications

Accelerated Revenue & Increased Sales Effectiveness and Efficiency

“Managing the North American business consulting team, my team and I have enjoyed an extremely positive working relationship with TFP. We have jointly developed our processes so that TFP is now a critical part of our business consulting team. TFP plays a critical role in our sales process which is instrumental to our ability to close business today, and we are confident it will continue to pay huge dividends going forward. TFP has been a great partner in our drive to sell new solutions, continually bringing new and creative improvements to our sales methodology. Thank you all for your inspired work for the company.”