Janet Judd


I was really excited to be joining TFP–it is a positive, challenging, results driven organisation staffed by a work family of fun but seriously committed people who take pride in delivering for their customers and achieving great things.

Janet has responsibility for developing the commercial space for our vendor partners across Europe alongside providing support for the enterprise team, enabling TFP to widen our capabilities for our clients.

Janet started her career in retail banking in Lloyds Bank moving into asset finance, where she covered most roles across the spectrum, right from collecting out on defaulting customers to the other end of the scale in new business roles in both direct and vendor-originated business. More recently she has managed funder relationships whilst working in the channel so she brings varied skills and experience into the TFP fold. When not breathing IT finance, she loves to see the world, enjoys swimming, keeping fit and attending live music gigs. Janet is definitely kept young at heart by her two step daughters.