Laura B. Gauci


“I consider it a great privilege to work with such a hard-working, ethical, loyal, motivated, respectful and intelligent group of people. I believe that not only do we operate ‘out of the box’, I think that we live there and that is a very rewarding and fun place to be for all of us and our clients as we work together. We strive to stay ahead of best practices and create new ones where we think appropriate through collaboration, respect and hard work. This is why I love my job….. and also… we are dog friendly too :)”

Laura Gauci’s primary responsibilities are managing the customer finance program for strategic TFP software clients, as well as involvement in TFP’s business development efforts. Her responsibilities include financial structuring, integration of the financing programs within core sales methodologies, sales training, syndication and the implementation of best practices tools and programs within these accounts.

From 1996 to 2000, Laura was a senior consultant with ILM. Her focus was building and managing customer finance programs for a portfolio of major software vendors. She began her career in the sales/marketing group for ATMI, Inc., a leading supplier of materials and services to the world’s semiconductor manufacturers.

Laura holds a bachelor of science in marketing from the University of Connecticut.