Alex Corman

ROI Ninja

“I was excited to join the Technology Finance Partners team so I could see the practical impact of my work literally every day.”

Alex Corman specializes in building opportunity-specific ROI analyses to help his clients demonstrate the financial impact of their solutions in their customers’ environments. He has developed skills in building persuasive analyses that are comprehensive and detailed but easy to follow and visually-appealing. Alex tells people that he has a “deep and unhealthy” relationship with Microsoft Excel that, while failing to impress in cocktail parties, is well-appreciated by his clients; since he joined the firm in 2011, Alex’s clients have leveraged his analyses to win more than $160 million in documented first year deal value.

Alex also produces research, white papers and presentations on the topic of value creation and quantification. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College and UCLA Anderson Business School, and has leveraged his deep financial background at numerous firms including Intel and Bank of America. At Intel he managed the company’s first e-commerce web presence which grossed more than $1 billion in its first quarter of operation.

Alex lives in Santa Barbara, CA where he enjoys soccer, jogging, and embarrassing his children.