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Vendor Finance Programs

TFP has long been deeply engaged in software financing and has extended that experience to meet the demand of selling hybrid appliances and cloud-competitive solutions. A turnkey global vendor finance program is designed, implemented and managed by TFP but overseen by the client’s management team, providing control without the headcount and high cost and risk of internally-provided solutions.

TFP launches a world-class financial sales support program quickly and efficiently, providing both strategic vision and tactical field level support necessary to maximize success. The program focuses on identification and cultivation of incremental net license opportunities, leveraging creative extended payment terms to accelerate deals and to maximize current quarter revenue. This flexibility means that transactions are no longer constrained by current budget or cash flow restrictions.

A TFP program is built around vendor selling objectives and customer buying challenges. It is TFP’s job to assess market trends and deal-specific situations to integrate winning financial options into selling methodologies and proposals. Solutions include:

  • Structuring upfront volume purchases based on forecasted multi-year business-as-usual need
  • Matching payments to receipt of business value
  • Leveraging maintenance renewals to grow and expand technology footprints
  • Tapping into multiple budgets to protect discount
  • Structuring and monetizing subscriptions through minimum commitments and binding contracts
  • Diffusing compliance issues with buyer-friendly acquisition options

TFP works with all stakeholders to manage and integrate to internal policies and procedures while driving adoption through sales training, pipeline review and internal evangelism of program success. The programs are unique in that they are vendor sponsored and driven—not managed for the benefit of a financial institution, but focused on accelerating revenue, growing margin and reducing DSO by offering acquisition options that make solutions and services easier to buy.

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