Value Selling Support

Increase sales by clearly demonstrating your solution’s ROI

Your customers know they need technology to achieve their goals. What they don’t know is how to communicate and quantify the business value your solutions will deliver in their environments. Your account executives can become trusted advisors with TFP’s value selling support.

What is Value Selling?

Value selling is the practice of persuasively communicating the business and financial benefits a customer can expect from buying a product or service, before discussing price. It’s a critical and successful sales technique that broadens discussions (from buyers to users and from departments to the C-suite) by focusing on business value vs. features and costs. Value-based selling deepens sales engagements, strengthens customer relationships, and improves outcomes.

Why Does Your Sales Team Need Support to Sell Value?

TFP's value selling support icon.Committing to a value-based selling program is a substantial change that requires tools, training, content, and collaborative support. It also requires experience and the ability to quantify what many will consider abstract concepts.

At TFP, we have been providing expert value-focused selling services to leading technology firms since 2000. We’ve quantified the value of many diverse solutions across all industries. We will work side-by-side with your sales team so they can excel at value-based selling and realize bigger deals, less discounting, and higher close rates.

What are TFP’s Value Selling Support Services?

Our clients retain us year after year because we get results. We can operate independently, in collaboration with your sales team, or in support of internal value-focused personnel in the delivery of the following core services:

ROI Analysis Service

Offer your customers the assistance of third-party experts. We collaborate with the account team and customer to identify and quantify the unique business value of your solution for that customer. The outcome is a credible and compelling ROI analysis that completes the business case for gaining approval to buy your technology. Learn more . . . 

ROI Tool Development

Hire our financial sales experts to build customized ROI and TCO calculators that will support multiple sales engagements and improve your ability to scale. Our tools feature easy-to-use interfaces and transparent calculations to maximize adoption, making them a valuable resource for your sales and marketing teams. Learn more . . .

Value Inventory Workshop

Improve your value messaging and gain alignment between your sales and marketing teams with our intensive workshop. Together, we will identify your prospects’ top reasons to buy. Then, we’ll tie those reasons to the most important values your solutions provide, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Learn more . . .

Other value selling support services include total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses, white papers, value slides, industry studies, post-implementation value analyses, business alignment reviews, and value-based pricing development.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Working with TFP?

TFP’s value selling team takes pride in creating a win-win. We work with your sales team to align the value of your solutions to the economic needs of the buyer. This improves your negotiating position while earning the trust of your prospects. TFP clients report increased close rates, higher average selling prices (ASP), and a more efficient sales process.

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