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Value Selling Programs

A TFP value-based selling program extends the effectiveness of a client’s sales methodology and marketing to emphasize the technology’s economic value throughout the sales cycle. In addition to improving close rates, TFP programs minimize discount pressure, elevate project prioritization and arm prospects with the necessary cost justification to buy.

The program is designed to lead, sell, close and grow through value. A set of value messaging content and tools is refined or created and field support and training is provided to ensure that sales has a balanced mix of readily-accessible self-service assets and expert support to manage and accelerate the business value conversation during all stages of the sale.

TFP can support and manage some or all of the program (including build, operate and transfer), allowing client management to optimize headcount while offering on-demand support to the field and trusted advisor support to prospects. The benefits of a value-based selling program include:

  • Improved close rates
  • Increased average selling price (ASP) – by growing deals and protecting discount
  • Sales cycle efficiency and accelerated deals
  • Enhanced and targeted discovery and qualification
  • Extending the conversation from IT to the financial buyer

A core element of a TFP program is field level business case analysis support, where TFP subject matter experts collaborate with sales teams and the prospect to discover and analyze specific benefits based on the customer challenge and proposed technology solutions. The work is performed in a clear and compelling way that translates technical features into financial terms so that project sponsors are able to meet internal requirements to move the acquisition forward from budget to approval to PO. Learn more about value-based selling tools and workshops.

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