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Sales Training

Technology Finance Partners delivers customized financial sales execution training programs to improve the performance of sales professionals, to drive favorable deal outcomes, and to enhance the financial selling competency across sales organizations. Leveraging our nearly 20 years of closing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of enterprise technology sales we share our experience in:

  • Leveraging financial acumen to change the conversation from technical to business
  • Executing value selling to defend price and close more deals
  • Negotiating to optimize deal economics
  • Creating winning executive presentations

Each course is designed around our clients’ unique needs and their solutions’ value drivers. We consult with sales management, finance, and product experts to build a custom sales training program with a given set of financial sales execution objectives, including:

  • Enabling sales representatives to shift the conversation from IT features to business or financial outcomes
  • Teaching sales professionals how to find important trends and compelling trigger events inside a prospect’s financials
  • Stressing the importance of quantitative discovery and value selling
  • Using benchmarking to estimate and reinforce value when presenting a business value hypothesis
  • Presenting a consistent value message throughout the sales process

All objectives are meant to accelerate sales cycles, improve close rates and/or increase deal sizes.

TFP training is available in any given length—one hour to a full day—and is designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. We deliver training in the desired forum—on-site, or via webinar and/or pre-recorded eLearning modules.

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TFP Case Study Thumbnail - Sales Training 1

Rapid Sales Talent Development

TFP’s client—a multi-million dollar software vendor—was focused on growth, and sought to increase its sales coverage throughout the United States to expand market share. The challenges it faced were two-fold: first, it expected an excessive amount of time to get new sales professionals up to speed on their products and services, and […]

TFP Case Study Thumbnail - Sales Training 2

Financial Sales Execution to Close Deals at Full Value

TFP’s client—a multi-million dollar SaaS provider of ERP and professional services automation solutions—believed that sales representatives were conceding too much throughout the sales cycle and negotiation. Although good information was being gathered during discovery, the process wasn’t focused enough on quantitative metrics that could be used to better demonstrate the value of […]