Financial Acumen Training

The key to the C-suite

Your customers deserve excellence in every interaction you have with them. Learn how financial acumen training can transform your sales team into trusted strategic advisors.

What is Financial Acumen and Why is it Important for Sales Professionals?

Financial acumen is the ability to comprehend and derive strategic insight from an organization’s financial statements and the financial metrics they use to manage their growth. It’s an important skill that allows you to gain a deep understanding of a business, its objectives, and the criteria that drive its decisions.

Sales professionals need financial acumen so they can communicate with financial buyers using their language and confidently negotiate win-wins. It empowers them to go beyond the technical sale and to quantify and align the value of your solutions to your prospect’s business and financial objectives. This helps your prospect better understand how your technology will impact their financial performance so they can justify the cost and secure budget.

What’s Unique About TFP’s Financial Acumen Training?

Brain to symbolize training.TFP’s financial acumen training was designed by sales professionals, for sales professionals. It’s a modular component of our business acumen training that focuses on the financial drivers that influence business decisions.

We customize each training with relevant examples from your business and build in interactive activities to encourage engagement. We respectfully acknowledge, then eliminate the fear of reviewing financial results so your team can harvest the information they need to navigate the financial aspects of the sale.

The training begins with a discussion about capital expenditures (CapEx), operating expenses (OpEx), and the impact your licensing and services models have on financial management. Using these familiar terms helps to ease your team into the broader topic.

Participants then learn foundational financial skills through a deep dive into three key financial documents—the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. They become familiar with the consistent layout and the key information and calculations they can expect to find.

Then we introduce basic financial metrics and teach your team how to analyze financial performance and business activities to gain insight (actionable intelligence) into the financial health of an organization. This allows them to spot trends and connect them to your business solutions.

We close the session with a discussion about financial buyers and how they make investment decisions. This further highlights how your customers assess the value, cost, and risk of acquiring your solutions in light of their own budget, financials, and multi-year outlook.

What Results Can You Expect from Financial Acumen Training?

Financial acumen is an important life skill that benefits your employees and your organization. Your team will gain a better understanding of key financial metrics and how they influence business and investment decisions.

In post training surveys, participants report greater confidence in understanding budgets and how to mine financial statements for insight. Sales leadership has pointed to this resulting in less discounting, larger deals, improved close ratios, and greater engagement with the C-suite.

We work with you to customize the course objectives to the needs of your business. Commonly requested exit skills include:

  • Mastery of the difference between capital and operating expenditures and why it matters
  • A comprehensive understanding of the financial statements in a 10-K and 10-Q
  • The ability to find actionable intelligence based on a prospect’s financial trends and business initiatives
  • A better understanding of how financial buyers make investment decisions and that an additional competitor is the value, cost, and/or risk of other initiatives
  • The ability to shift the conversation from technology features to business outcomes and financial performance

Trainings are delivered on-site and are often presented as a perk during periodic sales events. We reinforce key concepts via a training manual and optional on-going eLearning modules, webinars, and advanced in-person trainings.

Contact us today to build a customized financial acumen training course for your team.

“Increasingly technology purchase decisions are made in the C-suite. TFP’s hands-on financial acumen training helped our sales and marketing teams develop the financial and business acumen required to understand how C-level executives make technology buying decisions.”

Gary Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer, Syncron