Business Acumen Training

Sell more effectively by using the language of the C-suite

Your customers want more from your sales team. They want trusted advisors who understand their business and who will partner with them as they make and deploy strategic decisions. Fuel your team’s success with business acumen training.

What is Business Acumen and Why is It Important for Sales?

Business acumen is the ability to understand how companies make and spend money and how to use that knowledge to drive smarter, faster decision-making throughout an organization. It smooths the way to more productive conversations whether you’re working cross-functionally or presenting to the C-suite.

Sales professionals need business acumen so they can partner with prospects, negotiate win-wins, and present with confidence to any level in the organization. Business acumen empowers your team with the ability to identify a prospect’s financial and strategic drivers. And it teaches them how to use that information to communicate the value of your solutions using language that will resonate with your prospects.

TFP's business acumen training icon.What’s Different About TFP’s Business Acumen Training for Sales?

TFP’s business acumen training is 100% focused on the challenges faced by enterprise sales professionals. We customize each training with real-life examples using your accounts, key verticals, and solutions. This results in a highly relevant and immediately actionable learning experience.

Our own sales professionals, who work on technology deals every day, develop and deliver each training. We understand that your team needs to ramp up fast. We build educational, yet entertaining trainings by weaving lively group discussions, exercises, quizzes, and role-play into each session. Our most popular courses include:

Financial Acumen Training

We demystify financial statements. We teach your team how to extract important trends, financial metrics, and actionable intelligence that can help shape a more relevant communication. Then we show them how to tie this information to your solution’s economic impact so you can speak the language of the C-suite. Learn more . . .

Value-Based Selling Training

Here we take a dive deep into the value of your technology from the perspective of key buyer personas. We show you how to align the value of your solution to your prospect’s objectives (like increasing revenue or reducing cost). This enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition and avoid competing on price. Learn more . . . 

Negotiation Training

This module focuses on how to use techniques like BATNA and anchoring while working within the negotiation zones of each party. We ground the training in value selling to reinforce that you must match each “give” with a “get;” be it business, financial, or legal terms. Learn more . . .

Our training content is modular. We can combine and expand the curriculum to address other important topics like budgets, benchmarking, cloud economics, how financial buyers make decisions, and presenting to executives. We deliver the initial training or workshop onsite. Then we follow up with a series of webinars or eLearning modules to reinforce key concepts, encourage adoption, and provide continuous education.

What Results Can You Expect from Business Acumen Training?

We help you turn your “C” players into “B” players and your “B” players into “A” players. Post-training surveys show that participants are much more comfortable using financial statements in their pursuits and less likely to lead negotiations with discounting. Your team will gain important skills that will allow them to broaden the conversation, grow deals, and improve close rates.

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“TFP delivered an engaging financial sales execution training program to improve results in selling to business and financial buyers. We believe this will translate to faster sales cycles and less discounting. Their custom hands-on approach, focused on our solutions and verticals, held our team’s attention to what could be an otherwise challenging topic.”

Kristen Buhler, Sr. Mgr. Sales Training & Enablement, FinancialForce