Vendor Finance Programs

Case Studies

Growing the Deal while Maintaining Customer Cash Flow

The Problem TFP’s client had structured the deal just right—or so it thought.  Pricing was set at a maximum amount such that the customer could afford the software license and services within its then-current capital and operating budgets.  But circumstances for the customer, a technology provider in its own right, were evolving.  Following poor quarterly …

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Preserving Margin Despite Budget Hurdles

The Problem A major technology vendor, TFP’s client, had just what the customer, a large national healthcare provider, needed: a solution to help it improve the quality of patient care, enhance employee satisfaction, and promote IT efficiency.  Realization of these values was being challenged by the lack of available budget which threatened the ability of …

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Overcoming Budget Constraints

The Problem TFP’s client, a major enterprise software vendor, had done everything it needed to do to win the deal: talked to all the right people in IT to win the technical argument, conferred with the business to make sure all their needs were being addressed, conducted a series of successful demos, and answered all …

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