General Resources

TFP Overview (video)

A short video overview of Technology Finance Partners and the financial selling services we deliver to help our clients sell.

Financial Sales Enablement (Video)

TFP President Ann Flynn describes the importance of financial sales enablement and how TFP can help sales professionals win more deals in a conversation with Selling Power’s Gerhardt Gschwandtner.

TFP Corporate Overview

Technology Finance Partners integrates the technology and financial sale so that sales teams can focus on what they do best: sell.

Vendor Finance Programs

Vendor Finance Program Overview

Learn how TFP’s Vendor Finance Program can help you make it easy for your customers to buy.

Subscription Brief – Leveraging Extended Payments

In this brief, TFP describes how extended payments can be used to drive subscription sales. It covers common uses of extended payments in subscription sales and then details the strategic value of prepaid multi-year subscriptions and how extended payments can be particularly effective in driving that form of subscription sales.

Vendor Financing for Energy Efficiency

In this new white paper, TFP analyst Greg Brinkerhoff draws from his extensive experience in software financing to the new world of energy efficiency projects and expresses best practices on how to achieve success.

Value Selling Programs

Value Selling Overview

Learn how TFP’s Value Selling Practice can help you present your solution in terms that resonate with financial buyers to help you win the most deals at the highest possible value.

Field-Level ROI Support to Increase Close Rates

Field-level ROI support enables leading enterprise technology cost-effectively leverage the skills and experience of dedicated ROI experts to improve sales outcomes.

Learn how TFP’s Field-Level ROI Support program helps its clients improve their close rates, increase their average deal size, and expedite sales cycles.

Financial Sales Tools Overview

Learn how TFP enhances and extends the effectiveness of financial sales programs with easy to use Financial Sales Tools and value messaging content that can be leveraged throughout the sales cycle.

Calculating ROI for Technology Investments (2019 Update)

In an update to the popular white paper, the author discusses the value of producing a business case analysis (also known as an ROI analysis or a CBA) to support a technology investment or for technology vendors prove the value of their product in sales opportunities.  The author provides step-by-step instructions for building a business case analysis and for calculating key financial metrics such as ROI, NPV and payback period, and documents best practices in the production of a business case analysis.

TFP experts build business cases to support our clients’ most strategic sales opportunities.  Learn some of our most valuable recommendations for building a persuasive business case.

Effective ROI Messaging Without Data

How do you demonstrate financial value without access to specific customer data? Some companies have partnered with TFP to build value messaging content based on representative data. See this sample product we built for Citrix GoToAssist that demonstrates how customers can see the potential financial impact of your products before divulging any information about their business.

Leveraging Industry Benchmarks to Build a Business Case

Learn how to leverage industry benchmarks to build an effective business case, as TFP’s Drew Wright speaks with Bruce Belfiore, CEO & Senior Research Analyst of BenchmarkPortal in this podcast.

Value Selling in the Contact Center

In this white paper, TFP presents value selling elements that can be deployed to overcome no decision and to win business in the contact center. Some of the strategies discussed are: demonstrating ROI, value slides, opportunity matrices, and extended payment offerings. Learn how to win more deals in the contact center with these best practices and suggestions.

Best Practices in ROI Sales Tools (Video)

A short video demonstrating best practices in building an ROI tool for sales opportunities.

Overcoming No Decision

Have a deal stuck in “no decision”? Wondering how to move from “no decision” to a win?

The answer may be in effective value selling!  Download this white paper for best practices in overcoming no decision.

Webinar – Overcoming No Decision (video)

A re-play of the recent TFP / ROI4Sales webinar discussing best practices in overcoming “no decision” in sales opportunities.

Consulting & Workshops

Consulting and Workshops Overview

Learn how TFP’s Consulting and Workshops Practice enables companies to adapt nimbly and effectively to critical business model changes.

Value Inventory Workshop

Learn about TFP’s Value Inventory Workshop to help you understand your products’ economic value and how to most effectively communicate that value to buyers.

Win/Loss Analysis Program

Learn about TFP’s Win/Loss Analysis Program to reinforce behavior most likely to help you win deals and to coach out unproductive strategies and behavior!

Value-in-Use Pricing

Learn about TFP’s Value-in-Use Pricing methodology to help you set your pricing at the optimal level for your company.