Talking to the Business to Expand the Deal

The Problem

The client, a major software vendor, wasn’t satisfied.   While the sale of a point solution to the customer, a large medical insurer, seemed in the bag, the account team wanted more.  The account executive was sure that he had a lot more to sell that the customer needed if only he had the means to talk to the right people.   A small deal was nice to have—an enterprise-level, market basket deal would be even better.

The Solution

The account executive brought in TFP to engage the client in a comprehensive business case analysis.  The idea was to work cooperatively with the customer to project the financial impact of the client’s solutions across the enterprise.  TFP spoke with customer personnel across IT and numerous business units, and determined a range a defensible use cases for the client’s solution.  TFP then prepared and presented in a single clean, detailed and visually-engaging document that authoritatively projected the financial impact to the customer of moving forward with the larger purchase.

The Result

TFP’s financial analysis became a foundational document for the deal, which closed as a market basket enterprise license agreement exceeding $1 million.

What They Said

“The deal would likely have not been as big and would have taken longer without the tremendous support of TFP.  TFP is one of the most valued members of my team!  TFP brings a level of trust and credibility to the sales cycle that you cannot find anywhere else in the organization!   I will use TFP on every deal that I can because it increases my odds of winning by 10x and my ability to grow the relationship because I can share back the ROI information to the other parts of client organization that generates interest and conversation.”—Territory Account Manager