Satisfying Cost Justification Hurdles on a Major Deal

The Problem

TFP’s client, a major software vendor, was hoping to close a big deal with a large financial services provider.  But the deal had stalled; obstacles were materializing with the magnitude of the deal that was being discussed.  In particular the customer wanted a precise and reliable analysis that demonstrated the financial impact over time.  The customer’s executives needed reassurance that despite the large outlay it would be able to afford other proposed investments should they appear.

The Solution

The account team engaged TFP to construct a business case to quantify the benefits of the client’s solution on the customer’s bottom line.  TFP devoted particular attention to demonstrating that the “spend flow” would be smooth over the life of the deal, through extended payments, and that further investment on additional projects would still be possible.  After seeing the results the customer’s project team gained confidence in its ability to present the financial impact of the transaction and presented TFP’s business case to senior management.

The Result

TFP’s business case proved to be the catalyst for the account team to move from “a deal someday” to “full-scale deal execution mode”.   Thanks to the business case and to the financing that was also extended, the opportunity closed for well over $4 million.

What They Said

“TFP was always hyper-responsive in working with me on the deal.  They very quickly came up to speed on the details, quickly understood the nuances of what we were doing, and were almost immediately fully productive in helping me move this deal forward.  On top of that, I don’t think we could have possibly closed this large of a transaction without the financing option.”—Account Manager