Rapid Sales Talent Development

The Problem

TFP’s client—a multi-million dollar software vendor—was focused on growth, and sought to increase its sales coverage throughout the United States to expand market share. The challenges it faced were two-fold: first, it expected an excessive amount of time to get new sales professionals up to speed on their products and services, and, second, its window of opportunity to expand market share was shrinking rapidly. The company felt it would take at least six to nine months for the new hires (sales professionals) to become productive. During this time the competition could gain a foothold in key markets, limiting the company’s ability to make an impact. The problem was simple: They needed their new hires up and running in a few weeks, not several months.

The Solution

TFP delivered a combination of a value inventory workshop, ROI tools, and value selling training. With each component delivered, sales professionals gained more confidence in understanding the challenges their prospects faced, and how their software could help reduce costs and improve revenues. In just a few weeks the new sales team was able to have an impactful discussion with the financial buyer on their value delivered, and the economic impact the prospect should expect. The overall project reduced their sales cycle, improved their close rates, and shortened the time it took for new hires to become productive.

What They Said

“The workshop proved more beneficial than imagined because we learned a completely new way to talk about our software.  The training for our Account Executives and a revamp of our marketing collateral after the workshop saw a 73% increase in new sales growth.  Best sales and marketing investment I’ve ever made!” — VP of Sales and Marketing