Preserving Margin Despite Budget Hurdles

The Problem

A major technology vendor, TFP’s client, had just what the customer, a large national healthcare provider, needed: a solution to help it improve the quality of patient care, enhance employee satisfaction, and promote IT efficiency.  Realization of these values was being challenged by the lack of available budget which threatened the ability of the account reps to close the deal.  For lack of another approach, the account team looked at aggressive discounting to close the gap between the account target and customer budget.

The Solution

Rather than cutting the price further, TFP addressed budget constraints by building a custom installment plan that allowed for zero impact in the current year.

The Result

The deal closed for $2.3 million without aggressive discounting.

What They Said

“Financial selling can help you grow revenue, expand your footprint and provides a vehicle by which you can add to easily.  With financing in place, we were able to talk longer term and map deal size to need vs. budget.  Another key point is that we always sell the financing or payments ‘same as cash’.  This way it makes complete sense to go ahead with payment model (no financing) and if they decide to go cash or self-fund, we increase the net margin on the deal by holding the price constant”– Enterprise Account Executive