Overcoming Budget Constraints

The Problem

TFP’s client, a major enterprise software vendor, had done everything it needed to do to win the deal: talked to all the right people in IT to win the technical argument, conferred with the business to make sure all their needs were being addressed, conducted a series of successful demos, and answered all of the questions that needed to be addressed. The customer—a large enterprise devoted to education and publishing—spoke about their willingness to sign a PO for a major purchase that would become one the biggest wins of the year for the client.  But the customer lacked budget, and didn’t have the means to get more.  There were also concerns about a lag between a major expenditure and the realization of benefits.  As a result, the account team began to talk openly about a smaller deal.

The Solution

TFP considered its many funding sources, and selected a funder with previous experience with the customer and its buying process.  TFP then structured a no-cost, multi-year payment plan that mapped to both the customer’s available budget and to their anticipated solution deployment schedule.

The Result

Talk of reducing the deal ceased: the deal closed for $14.3 million.

What They Said

“The ability to offer a payment plan to the customer that mapped to the projected deployment schedule allowed them to acquire the enterprise, multi-year software package.  Without a payment plan option this deal would have been 1/3 the size.” – Enterprise Account Executive