Growing the Deal while Maintaining Customer Cash Flow

The Problem

TFP’s client had structured the deal just right—or so it thought.  Pricing was set at a maximum amount such that the customer could afford the software license and services within its then-current capital and operating budgets.  But circumstances for the customer, a technology provider in its own right, were evolving.  Following poor quarterly results reflecting a slump in its core business, budgets were slashed across the company.  Improving its cash flow became a core concern, and acquiring the client’s software became a secondary priority.  Something needed to be done or the deal would be severely reduced or possibly lost.

The Solution

TFP heard the customer’s needs and leapt into action.  TFP structured a deal featuring relatively small, short term payments to allow the customer to acquire the software while maintaining a positive cash flow.

The Result

The deal closed for $1.5 million.

What They Said

“TFP created the ability for us to meet the customer’s needs and to increase the deal size without sacrificing our deal structure” –Account Executive