Growing the Deal by Driving Consensus Across the Enterprise

The Problem

TFP’s client—a major software vendor—had set an aggressive target in its negotiations with the customer, a large regional energy provider.  But the customer indicated that support for the acquisition across various business units was inconsistent at best.  As a result, the account team began to consider a limited deal to a single division in the current quarter, and to shoot for the larger, enterprise-level deal later in the year.  But this would risk the larger opportunity to the competition, which was not sitting idly while conversations were taking place.

The Solution

TFP’s provided business case analysis support to help drive alignment across the company.  TFP facilitated discussions across the company to determine the specific business requirements for each business unit, and to demonstrate how the client’s software would provide specific, measurable financial value to each.  Throughout the process, TFP opened doors that may have otherwise remained shut and drove consensus for the client’s solution, overcoming objections from certain lines of business.  This alignment allowed the sales team to obtain executive management approval.

The Result

The deal closed as an enterprise level sale at more than $4.3 million without major concessions.

What They Said

“Pulling in TFP allowed me greater and faster access to key stakeholders, exposing areas of weakness in the sales cycle that needed to be shored up while helping to align the business priorities with the solution proposal.  The result was a 3.5X larger deal that still closed in Q3!” –-Account Executive