Determining the Value

The Problem

The client, a mid-size software and consulting concern, was expressing difficulty communicating value to their prospects.  This weakness lengthened its sales cycle and impeded its ability to grow revenues.

The Solution

The company engaged in a value inventory workshop conducted and facilitated by TFP’sROI4Sales division.  The principal goal of the workshop was to identify the reasons customers buy their solutions—their issues, pains, goals & priorities.  It also determined and documented the company’s competitive advantages relative to the market and the economic impact of their products and services.

The Result

As a result of the workshop, the company reached consensus on certain stronger and more consistent value messages to articulate the true value of the solution.  The improved messages and associated tools led to deal acceleration and reduced discounting.

What They Said

“The workshop proved more beneficial than imagined because we learned a completely new way to talk about our software.  ROI tool training for our account executives and a revamp of our marketing collateral after the workshop (resulted in) a 73% increase in new sales growth.  Best sales and marketing investment I’ve ever made!”—Vice President of Sales and Marketing