April 27, 2015

The Key to the C-Suite: Selling to the Financial Buyer

Training a sales force to sell products and services to the IT department is hard, but training a sales force to sell a product and services to IT finance, procurement, or a CFO is a LOT harder.  At TFP, we spend our days in the trenches with sales, system engineers and professional services teams justifying the value of your products to customers and providing financial options to facilitate the sale. Our teams are tasked with driving sales, improving deal economics and making it easier for customers to buy.
Integrated sale
We know how to sell technology to business and financial decision makers. We teach sales teams how to overcome financial objections to a sale. Additional discounting is not a winning strategy. We give sales teams more successful ways to deliver better results.

Buyers require sales teams understand their entire organization, specific requirements, and the financial or economic impact your solution will deliver. They expect a vendor to work with them to quantify the financial or economic impact the solution will deliver. With more than fifteen years’ experience working with major software companies we have developed financial sales execution training courses to help your sales team deliver. Technology Finance Partners provides powerful financial sales execution training courses specific to your technology, your sales processes and your customer base. We are uniquely positioned to help your sales team turn complexity into an opportunity for improved results.
As an active part of leading technology vendors’ sales teams, we have the ability to regularly update and reinforce training on a recurring basis across the sales organization. Technology Finance Partners sales training improves sales ability to win mindshare and budget from financial decision makers.
Michael Nick, author of Amazon’s Top 10 business book “The Key to the C-Suite” delivers the training along with TFP’s experts in software sales, value selling, pricing and deal structuring.
The Key to the C-Suite consists of modules that cover topics related to successfully selling to executives. Courses range from sales call preparation to effective executive presentation.

The series includes twelve thirty-minute courses:

• Using the balance sheet to qualify your prospects
• Interpreting the P & L
• Cash flow statement matters
• Using financial ratios to communicate effectively
• The C-Suite effect
• Create your own value inventory
• Determine the threshold for pain
• Determining your value with the C-Suite
• Performing effective discovery
• Creating a financial dashboard
• Presenting to the C-Suite / value slides
• Building an effective business case

Full TFP Sales Training Syllabus taught by Michael Nick, President of ROI4Sales, a division of Technology Finance Partners.

Communicating with the C-Suite – Based on the bestselling book, The Key to the C-Suite, teams will learn the vernacular used by CFO’s to determine value, how decisions are made and how to turn your value proposition into an economic impact story.
Interpreting a prospect’s financials – Reading financials is easy–accounting principles haven’t changed much in 50 years. Interpreting financials however is not. This course will help you learn to use your value proposition to determine the areas of financial statements your products and services have the most impact.
Finance 101 – Gain a basic understanding of terms used to measure the financial health of any organization. We review the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. Also included is a thorough understanding of terms like Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, ROI, EBITDA, and DSO.
Overcoming no decision – This four-part program teaches you how to use key calculations, value slides, opportunity matrices, and a custom business case to overcome the dreaded no decision.
Articulating your “real” value – Learn to create your own value inventory and use it to articulate a consistent message about your value as it relates to your prospects issues, pains, and goals. Identify areas where you are competitively superior and where you have challenges competing.
Master financial selling – This in-depth course covers all aspects of reading, understanding and using a prospects financials in the sales process.  We have combined Finance 101, Interpreting a Prospect’s Financials, Overcoming No Decision and Articulating Real Value into one all-encompassing course.

Course materials include a work study manual, reference material, quick access guides, and recorded follow- up materials.




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