Wade Schoech

Financial Innovator


“A major influence on my career has been the people that I have had the privilege to work with, and that’s why I am excited to be part of the TFP team.  My goal is to try and keep up with this group of highly motivated/talented individuals and help them soar to new heights.”

Wade is one newest members of the TFP team with over 27 years experience in the IT vendor finance business. Prior to joining TFP, he managed the NetApp Capital Solutions (NCS) program where he took the program from virtual start up in August of 2000 to a full service captive finance program doing business in over 25 countries (mid-2015). Wade and his teams were also responsible for designing and implementing industry-leading initiatives including one of the storage industry’s first pay-per-use programs.

Earlier in his career he held senior level positions responsible for asset management, program management, operations, and business development with Leasetec Corporation/Key Equipment Finance. Wade holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Wade prides himself on being very customer-oriented and has succumbed to the realization that as a provider of sales enablement capabilities he will never get to be the customer, and he is ok with that….